It’s been a great year for pumpkins—so bright and huge! We’ve been working hard picking them off the vine to get them ready for you. However, don’t find a pumpkin and run. You’ve got to stick around and check out our mazes this year. There are four great ones to get lost in. The corn maze this year should be a great challenge, but if that’s not your thing, take a walk through the sunflower maze for something a bit more straightforward. Though, if you’re looking to attempt the corn maze, you may want to first stop off and pick up a fresh donut on your way. You may get hungry out there.

We can’t wait to see you!


Come to the country where you can spend
the day with the family gathering pumpkins, eating donuts, or in
a corn maze all while
on a budget.

5799 Beaverton Rd.

Beaverton, MI 48612

(989) 435-9001

       The Hedrick’s